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गेम्स लाइक Maple Creek

सबसे खेल की तरह खेला Maple Creek
Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek is a beautifully created hidden object game taking you into the mysterious and creepy town of Maple Creek.

Explore the town as you look for clues and pick up useful objects.

Find amazing hidden object scenes to play.

Create the map of the case and solve the puzzle of the missing girl.
Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival

Fate’s Carnival

- मुल्यांकन Travel to the Fate’s Carnival and unravel a mystery. With the help of Isis the cat try to stop the evil curse of the carnival from claiming you.

Enjoy a fantastic hidden object game with stunning scenes.

With the help of Isis recover special items.

Solve puzzles and use the objects you find.
Design This Home

Design Home

10 मुल्यांकन Play Design This Home and create your own beautiful home as you decorate each room to your taste. Choose from over 600 unique items and designs.

Decorate your houses and increase their value.

Own and style several different houses.

Show off your houses to your friends.
Alice: Behind the Mirror

Alice: Behind the Mirror

Adventure - मुल्यांकन Experience a beautiful, classical tale.

Solve a large number of puzzles.

Play multiple mini-games.
Cradle of Rome

Cradle of Rome

- मुल्यांकन Play Cradle of Rome and build your epic empire as you collect materials in fantastic match 3 games with stunning graphics and amazing gameplay.

Collect money and materials as you play match 3 games.

Collect special items to charge your powers.

Build the empire of Rome from a humble village to the greatest empire.
Zulu's Zoo

Zulu's Zoo

- मुल्यांकन Find the animals and objects in the zoo.

Play mini games to help you earn rewards.

Use the stars you collect as hints.
Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy

Asylum Conspiracy

- मुल्यांकन Find clues and items in incredibly detailed hidden object windows.

Solve puzzles as you unlock more and more of the mystery.

With no timers or limits you can take your time to enjoy the story.
Grim Tales: Color of Fright

Color of Fright

- मुल्यांकन Solve the mystery of all the tragic happenings at the Grey’s family castle and put a stop to all the panic.

Experience dynamic and challenging puzzle sequences that will test your focus to the its very limits.

Create sketches and bring them to life so that they may aid you during gameplay.
Crop Buster

Crop Buster

9,5 मुल्यांकन Play an amazing match 3 game, with fruits and produce from your farm.

Earn gold to purchase new things for your farm.

Use the animals on your farm for bonuses in the game.
Midnight Castle

Midnight Castle

- मुल्यांकन Play Midnight Castle and explore a castle full of magic and the wondrous Mystery Chamber that grants any wish to come true and along the way discover the secrets of Midnight Castle.

Explore amazing hidden object scenes.

Complete quests for your friends and claim your rewards.

Craft special items to ward off terrors of the night.
Rooms of Memory

Rooms Memory

- मुल्यांकन Rooms of Memory is a new game from Big Fish Games, 100% free you can download and begin to explore this amazing and wonderful new game.

Explore beautiful rooms in your mansion.

Chase off ghosts and monsters as you find special items.

Unlock the secrets of the world around you.