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होम गेम्स Ride: Equestrian Simulation
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Ride is a game from Big Fish, download the game and choose your event. This game is not free but you can download a free trial of the game to try.

Choose your discipline from Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping.

Practice your skills then choose your horse.

Train your horse and enter into competitions.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation is less of a horse management game and much more of a riding and competition style of play. While you can train your horse every day the focus is on preparing for and then taking part in the competitions. And in this game you are in complete control in the saddle.

Once you have created your profile you will be able to choose your preferred discipline. You can play through all 3 of them if you wish, or choose your favorite and stick with that. Once you have chosen you will meet your trainer and he will show you how to master the skills you need to compete.

The controls use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move your horse or to use the particular skills you need. Each discipline has its own special training program that you can work through. Once you finish the training you will then get to pick your horse from a specific list. The horse is free, but once you choose you can’t then change your horse.

When you have your horse you can then begin to manage more of the game, from your horses training to the equipment you use and your trophy collection. From this screen you will be able to enter into the planning sessions where you will assign what training and rest days you give your horse.

In these training sessions you can either follow the recommended guidelines, or choose your own package, but remember to rest your horse every few days or they will become very tired. When you have chosen what to train your horse in, you can then choose whether to do the training yourself, or to let the game do it for you.

If you choose to do it yourself you are back in the saddle and practicing your own skills as well as having the option to increase your horses statistics. However, if you don’t complete the training your horse will not gain much in the way of skills. On the other side, if you have a good training session the horse can gain quite a few points.

Letting the game automatically complete it for you will often be an average training session. As such the horse may gain points slower than if you did the training sessions, but if you do not have the time to play this can be a really useful tool.

Every 2 weeks you will be entered into a competition where you can compete for trophies. All of your opponents are in the game itself you don’t play against other people. As you progress the competitions get harder and you need to get even better scores. The scoring systems in the game are based on the current official guidelines, so you are comparing your scores to the real events.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation is a really beautiful game, with some amazing graphics and stunning looking horses. They move, run and jump just like the real thing and though you have a slightly limited choice on your horse, they are amazing to look at and ride. The controls though easy to use can be difficult to master to really get the top scores. As you play and get better this is really reflected in how your horse moves and how well you compete.

Although there is less of the management style in this game, there is still a lot of choice for you in how you train and ride your horse. With 3 different disciplines, all requiring different skills there is a huge amount for you to play in this game, and the high quality graphics and wonderful horses combined with easy to follow gameplay make Ride: Equestrian Simulation a real joy to play. Ride! सारांश

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Minggu, Januari 19, 2014

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